Event Packages

Ideal for 30/35 Guests

The Library  $320

  • Angus Burger Sliders (36)

  • Tomato Basil Bruschetta (36)

  • Mixed Green Salad

  • Four Cheese Pizza (2)

  • BBQ Chicken Pizza (2)

The Boardroom  $360

  • Corned Beef Sliders with Swiss Cheese (36)

  • Hummus Tray with Carrots, Celery and Pita Chips

  • Jumbo Chicken Wings (36)

  • Margherita Pizza (2)

  • Pepperoini Pizza (2)

The Bank  $420

  • BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders (36)

  • Mini Meatballs (50)

  • Jerk Chicken Skewers (36)

  • Caesar Salad

  • Four Cheese Pizza (2)

  • Pepperoni Pizza (2)

The Office Premium  $480

  • Angus Slider Burger (36)

  • BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders (36)

  • Mini Meatballs (50)

  • Jumbo Chicken Wings (36)

  • Mixed Green Salad

  • BBQ Chicken Pizza (2)

  • Margherita Pizza (2)

We are happy to customize the menu in order to best meet your needs.  Prices subject to change without prior notice.

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Event Planning Guide

Below are the answers to some common questions to help you plan your event.  If you still have additional questions, you can email Beth@TheOfficeSTC.com or call (630) 549-0287.

To confirm your event, you must email us stating that you wish to confirm the booking and reserve the room – failure to do so may result in someone else getting the room for your intended date/time.  Please note that a phone call will not suffice – for protection of your special event, it must be confirmation via email!

What amenities does the room have?

The room is fully self-contained it has its own bathrooms, plasma television, music, bar, and even its own private entrance.

Is the room handicap accessible?

Yes, if you park on the third floor of the parking garage, we have a walkway directly leading into the room.

How many tables are there?

The room consists of 8 50” round tables which can be converted into 36” square tables (if needed).

How many people does the room hold?

The room will hold 80 persons for a casual appetizer party, or 55 persons for sit down lunch/dinner.

Is there a minimum requirement for the # of people you need in order to book the room?

You must have a minimum of 35 people for a Friday or Saturday night in order to book the room.  All other evenings are negotiable depending on business.

For sit down dinner, can we choose from the entire menu?

 Yes, if your party is under 25 persons – otherwise, you can select a maximum of 4 items from the main menu (not including appetizers and/or desserts).

When do you need my final food/beverage selections?

We would like to have your final decision at least one week before your event date, so we can ensure your preferred selections.

Is there a room charge?

If your party is for an evening event, there is a room charge of $150 for parties with fewer than 35 guests.  There is a $100 charge for lunchtime or afternoon events if your party is under 30 guests.

Do you have Bar Packages available?

Yes. we offer the following packages:

Cash Bar:
Everyone pays for their own drinks.

Limited Bar:
Guests are limited to beer, wine, and soda on your tab.  You can designate a specific dollar amount in order to control your spend.  If it reaches the limit, we will discreetly advise you of this so you can decide on how you wish to proceed.

Open Bar:
You pay for all your guests’ drinks.  A dollar limit can also be placed on this option.

Note: all bar options can be customized to suit your budget or specific needs!

Are sodas, tea/coffee included in the price?

No, but they are a one-time charge per person with free refills.

If I want to know how much my tab is during the event can I do that?

Yes, food and beverage tabs are kept separate until the end of your event, at which point they are combined to arrive at your total bill.

Is there gratuity added?

Yes, an automatic gratuity of 20% is added unless you instruct us otherwise before the event commences.

Can we bring in a cake?

Yes, but we ask that you retain proof of purchase until at least 48 hours after your event.  If you are bringing your own dessert, you need to provide your own plates and napkins.  We can provide forks at no charge should you need them.

Can we bring in our own music?

Yes, but we have a wireless Sonos system so you must also bring your own speakers.  We have piped in music available to all rooms, and can play any genre.

Can I mix and match the ‘Reception Packages’…?

Yes, but on certain premium items (e.g.: Crab Cakes, Shrimp, etc.) there will be an additional charge if substituting them into a less expensive package.

Is a deposit required?

Only under certain circumstances. The event planner will let you know if one is required.

Is there a minimum spend?

We require $1000 minimum spend on a Friday or Saturday night only (not including tax or gratuity).

Can we decorate for our event?

The following items are welcome for decorations: free-standing balloon arches, balloons with weighted ribbons, flowers in vases, pictures in frames.  We do not allow confetti/table sprinkle type decorations.  Nothing may be hung from the walls, windows/window trim, or light fixtures. You are required to take down and remove all decorations at the conclusion of your event.  Failure to follow these decoration guidelines could result in an additional clean-up charge.

PLEASE NOTE:  Under NO circumstances are customers permitted to bring in food or beverages from any outside source, other than stated above (ex: cake) – this is serious violation of county/state health codes, and puts our business operating license at risk!

Sorry, customer reward points are not redeemable towards any private party or event.  Prices subject to change without prior notice.

Hors d’ Oeuvres Menu

Prices Subject to Change

Sliders (Priced Per Dozen)

Angus Beef Sliders  topped with aged cheddar  $36

BBQ Pulled Pork  sliders topped with aged cheddar & pickles  $36

Corned Beef  with swiss cheese  $36


Salads (priced $4, $5, $6/per person)

Mixed Green Salad  with tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion

Traditional Caesar Salad

Chopped Salad


Handmade Pizzas (Each 10″)

Four Cheese  mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan and jack  $16

BBQ Chicken  with caramelized onions and applewood smoked bacon  $18

Margherita  tomato, fresh mozzarella & basil  $18

Pepperoni  blended cheese and sliced pepperoni  $18


 Shared Platters

Loaded Nachos  with pulled pork, cheese, guac, sour cream, salsa  $50

Chips and Salsa  house made chips and salsa  $30

Hummus  carrots, celery & warm pita bread  $45

Vegetable Platter  an assortment of veggies served with ranch dip  $75

Fresh Fruit Platter  $70


Bite Sized (Priced Per Dozen)

Mini Meatballs  in our special house sauce (50 meatballs per order)  $40

Mini Crab Cakes  with house-made tartar sauce  MP

Jerk Chicken Skewers  with sweet chili dipping sauce  $30

Jumbo Chicken Wings  choice of seasoned, buffalo, honey bbq, teriyaki or garlic parmesan  $30

Jumbo Buffalo Shrimp  served with blue cheese dressing  MP

Pretzel Bites  with spicy mustard and queso dip  $30

Tomato Basil Bruschetta  with parmesan and balsamic drizzle  $24